Interview with Aurelija

wrld_flgs1Na Jihočeskou Univerzitu jezdí stále více  zahraničních studentů. Rozhodla jsem se několik z nich vyzpovídat a získat od nich tak zpětnou vazbu jak se jim vůbec v České Republice a u nás na univerzitě líbilo. Zda mají nějaké nápady na zlepšení, co jim chybělo atd. Doufám, že se Vám tyto krátké rozhovory v angličtině budou líbit 🙂 První vyzpovídanou studentkou je Aurelija z Litvy.

11219045_1068577276495657_7212691721495929665_n More and more international students come to our university to study. We asked few of them to share their experience with us. The first one is Aurelija from Lithuania.

About you: 

I love travelling, learning languages, meeting new people and the idea of life long learning, therefore Erasmus and other exchange programes are my number one!

Why did you choose Czech Republic and University of South Bohemia ?

For my first Erasmus exchange I had to choose between Turkey, Latvia and Czech Republic. I said to myself: Turkey is too far, Latvia is too close, Czech Republic is perfect! For the second time I came because I liked very much the way of teaching at university, very good equipment at laboratory. Also having friends here, Czech life style, pretty nature, awesome architecture influenced my decidion.

How long have you been here?

In total I have been here for 8 months. Firstly 5 months and after 2.5 year I came for another 3 months.

Where did you live?

Both times I was living in dormitories. Well, I would change just one thing: the lack of cooking stuff, I mean plates, pots, kettle and etc, which is heavy to take with but is necessary. Other things are okay and the life in dormitory was realy great experience!

Did you eat in menza? 

You have great system of eating in menza! I appreciated how cheap is for students! I would advise to offer more options for lunch.

What would be your favorite czech meal?

Beer for sure! 🙂 Also mushroom soup and goulash with dumplings.

11822496_1068578013162250_471042394919892529_nDid you travel while studying in Czech Republic? What was your favorite trip/place?

Yes, a lot! I have visited many places and I liked all of it. But the best of the best are Český Krumlov! I have visited 7 times this little miracle  😀

What do you think about czech students and czech people in general? Did you encounter some problems because you are foreigner?

In my oppinion, Czechs are very kind, polite and helpful. I was surprised when even in dormitory guys asked me if I need help to take my suitcase downstairs…  Also I want to thank to teachers and colleagues from university. I thought I would be alone because I was foreigner but they cared about me so much.

Was International Student Club and its students helpful for you? Did you take part in any event?

Yes, they organised a lot of different and interesting events. That was nice time spent with them! I took part as much as I could.

Would you recommend your friends to go to University of South Bohemia or Czech Republic for study?

Yes, I highly recommend to my friends this university or at least to visit Czech Republic!

Some tips for future exchange students?

Emm…. Maybe the list of doctors who speak in English and where to find them. (note from ISC: in progress)

Anything you would like to add to your experience?

Exchanges chance – come along!

11800006_1068578209828897_8347921446380250383_nHere you can promote your country for czech students. Why they should visit your country and what places would you recommend?

I would advise to find Unseen Lithuania video on Youtube and then come to see those awesome places!

You can add recipe for some traditional food, text of a traditional song etc.  🙂 

I think a lot of people has  got the recipe and had possibility to taste our cake Tinginys in Jannuary, therefore I will explain some Lithuanian idioms. Lithuanians don´t have to understand the meaning of something. They only need to “catch the corner” (pagauti kampą). Lithuanians will not lie to you. They will “hang pasta on the ears” (kabinti makaronus) or “cast a spell on you” (priburti).  A Lithuanian does not go crazy. His “roof drives away” (stogas nuvažiuoja).

About České Budějovice as a place to live:

This city is perfect size to live: not too small to be bored and not too big to get in rush. I appreciate the way how new architecture buildings fit into old heritage.  Also Budějovice has a lot of trees, flowers which make this city green and very cozy. As a student I must mention about good public transport connection even in the night.

Thank you Aurelija for your time 🙂

Extras: Video of Aurelija making traditional Lithuanian cake