Interview with Beatriz

12036588_10207697149892491_395563808614440026_nAbout you:

My name is Beatriz and I’m 22 years old. I’m from Valencia, Spain. I studied Pedagogy, and I went to CB during my third year of degree to Teologicka Fakulta.

Why did you choose Czech Republic and University of South Bohemia ?

This university was the only I could chose in Czech Republic. At first, I was looking for a country I could live with the schoolarship, and were totally different from my home city .Also, I have been in Prague some years earlier and felt in love… so I didn’t have any doubt when I saw this option in the list!

How long have you been here?

5 months, during de winter semester: september 2013 – january 2014

Where did you live?

I lived in the dorms, in K3. The rooms have all the facilities to live and I didn’t miss anything, but it’s true that kitchen is not preparated to be used for 40 people and it’s not big enough for the same reason, because when you find someone cooking you must to wait for them to finish and then cook your meal (the space near the fire to cook would make it hard). Also, the dorm forniture and the walls where not well care as they could be if everybody helps every year.

Did you eat in menza? 

Yes! Of course! I ate about 3 times per week. Menza is really cheap so it made up for the lunch time for Czech people. In my country, we have lunch at 2:30 – 3:00 pm and there was impossible. The food was prety good, and you have a big variety each day. I never tried to have dinner, it was too early for me.

What would be your favorite czech meal?

I really LOVE gulash. Oh, hopefully I could bring it with me to Spain!! Some friends show me a restaurant near the campus where they cook it delicius, and cheap!

Did you travel while studying in Czech Republic? What was your favorite trip/place?

Yes, obviusly. I visited some cities in the country, also Prague several times, Berlin and some places in Austria.

I can’t chose just one place… all erasmus trips have something special. As I said, I’m in love with Prague, but i’m going back to Vienna next month.

What do you think about czech students and czech people in general? Did you encounter some problems because you are foreigner?

I have good and bad experiences… some czech students didn’t want to help us, didn’t say hello (neither in czech) if you coincide cooking, didn’t want to know anything about erasmus. On the other hand, I find some people who always smiles you and say hello or try to say it in your own language, and ask about you or your country. In this way, we went out with some czech students who studied spanish and they want to learn more about us! It was funny because they could practise spanish and teach us some czech and we could practice more english and learn more about living in CZ.

Out of the university, I have no problem with anyone. I’ve never met a person who avoid speaking with me fot being foreigner, they make the effort to speak in english or gesture to make easy the understanding.

Was International Student Club and its students helpful for you? Did you take part in any event?

Yes, absolutelly it was.As much as I suggest to my home university to create our own ISC. I take part in the trips and some events they organised in CB.

Would you recommend your friends to go to University of South Bohemia or Czech Republic for study?

I would, and I did. Las year two girls ask me about going to CB and at the end they went this last course. I found so nice people there, and being a small city makes you to know all the eramus people. Also, it’s close to Prague and so amazing places around.

Some tips for future exchange students?

Be open-minded, because you are going to join people who are the opposite than you, but you will always learn something new of everybody you meet. Enjoy the experience and don’t think too much, Eramus is once in live. Feel free speaking english and making mistakes, learn from and respect all the cultures of your erasmus friends and the country you are living in.

Anything you would like to add to your experience?

5 months more!

What you can recommend for other students to do in your counry?

In Spain you have mixed architecture for the different people had passed by.  Also you have kilometres of beach and delicious mediterranean gastronomy. You can chose, snow or beaches during the hole year, we have everything! Conection from CZ it’s great during the summer months.