Interview with Nuno Pombo


Prague – River

Dalším studentem, který se rozhodl s námi podělit o své zážitky a názory z pobytu na naší univerzitě a v České Republice je Nuno Pombo z Portugalska.

Next student sharing his experience from stay at our university and in Czech Republic is Nuno Pombo from Portugal.

About you: 
I live near by Lisbon and I am 28 years old. I went last year on Erasmus studying on the Economics Faculty in South Bohemia University. I have a bachelor degree on Sport Management (I finished my degree in Czech Republic).

Why did you choose Czech Republic and University of South Bohemia ?
I had the working-student status in Portugal. Anyhow, my working contract expired and I didn’t want to renovate it because I should focus 100% on the completion of my degree. I had some friends from my university that went to CB in the winter semester. They all told me marvelous things about it, and they encouraged me to go as well. So I applied for Erasmus in January, and even on that month I had the notice that I had the portuguese scolarship to do this programme. When I heard so, I didn’t hesitate and I went for Czech Republic 🙂


A Ferry Trip to Supetar Island – Croatia

How long have you been here?
I was in CB just for the summer semester. I said just because when you are in Erasmus the time passed by very very quick . Sometimes I felt that I didn’t had enough time to do the many things that I wanted o do and to visit and to experience. That’s why I suggest to everyone at least one year in Erasmus, and not just one semester.

Where did you live ?
I lived on the dorms. I loved it because on our floor almost everyone was in Erasmus so, our door was always open and we share everything with everyone. The kitchen it’s really the worst thing on the dorms. It’s really a area that needs an intervention. Because it’s small and inadequate for so many students.

Did you eat in menza? Did you like it? Any recommendations?
Yes we ate in Menza many times(Maybe around 80% of the meals we took there). The meals were very cheap, so that’s one enabler aspect. Of course the quality of the meals were not the best, but there were ok. We took dinner also there, that is one important issue for us. The biggest difference it’s that In my country we have dinner around 9/10 pm. In Menza the schedule it was between 6 and 7pm… It’s a huge difference for us portuguese guys. So, in order to counter that we took our dinner in little boxes to our dorms and we ate in our rooms all together around 10/10.30pm.


Prague Tower

What would be your favorite czech meal?
I really don’t have a favourite czech meal. But maybe i should choose the roasted duck. I tooked it twice in Prague and it was great, but I don’t know if it’s typical Czech meal.

Did you travel while studying in Czech Republic? What was your favorite trip/place?
Yes of course! It’s a crime not to do it! I went to Germany, Austria, Liechenstein, Croatia and Slovenia. I should went to Poland as well but I had a broken foot so I couldn’t went for that Polish trip… It’s difficult to chose just one. But I can say that Prague it was the prettiest town that I went for in this Erasmus programme. Croatia was the country that most surprised me for its beauty.

What do you think about czech students and czech people in general?
The czech students are Great and kind. But unfortunately I felt a big gap between the students and czech people in general. I felt that especially on the older ones that live in CB. The locals don‘t felt confortable with the english language, so they had problems to comunicate with us, foreign students, and I think that maybe that’s why that sometimes they had a unpleasant attitude with us. They avoid to communicate with us because maybe because they felt safety that I way I don’t know. The strangest thing was that even in commerce places (shops, cafes and so son) sometimes they avoid to serve us. That attitude for example in Portugal it’s unthinkable. A guy who runs a shop, will
try to speak even Chinese or Japonese if it takes to sell something to a foreign. But I must say that in Prague it‘s totattly different. Everyone speaks English and they are goal oriented for the tourists and for foreign people. I really felt one big difference between the attitude from Prague people. They are more open minded then the people from CB.

Innsbruck (Austria)

Innsbruck (Austria)

Was International Student Club and its students helpful for you? Did you take part in any event?
Yes I joined some events and trips that was organized for the ISC. It was very funny.

Would you recommend your friends to go to University of South Bohemia or Czech Republic for

For sure, it’s an experience of a life time. Don’t think twice, apply now for it. Some tips for future exchange students? Bring free and open mind because you will find different people with different backgrounds. You will be in touch with people from everywhere so sometimes you must be comprehensive with the differences between all of us.

Anything you would like to add to your experience?

Yes, don’t have snow in my country. I wanted to have experienced snowboard and skiing, but unfortunatelly I couldn’t

 What places would you recommend to visit in your country? Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto are the city’s that you must visit. You can enjoy the Algarve beaches in south of Portugal as well. The prices aren’t expensive and people from my country are very friendly and welcome.

Soccer match in university (South Korea vs Portugal)

Soccer match in university (South Korea vs Portugal)

What you liked about České Budějovice and Czech republic? 

CB it’s a small but very pretty town in South of Czech Republic. Besides the discos and bars that we all go : there is as well the city castle that is very beautiful and Cesky Krumlov it’s just around the corner and it’s stunning as well.

What really impressed me most was the public facilities of the town. The University, the public transportation and the hospital are great. The good weather was also one surprise for me. I brought many coats and jackets that I didn’t wear, because the weather was really good. I went for the summer semester, I didn’t had to pass through the winter. But nonetheless the spring weather is great, i wear just a tshirt all the time.

Thank you for your time! 🙂

Pictures: courtesy of Nuno Pombo